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Our Progression Pathway.

At Yong Gi Do, we offer two programs tailored to younger children aged between 2 and 6, prior to their main Korean Karate journey. Our Little Lions program, designed for children aged 2 to 3, focuses on preschool development, while our Kicking Kadets program is intended for children aged 4 to 6 and provides an introductory level of martial arts and life skills training.

The grade and belt sequence for Little Lions and Kicking Kadets are as follows:

Little Lions

Level 1 - White belt (purple band with 1 stripe)

Level 2 - White belt (purple band with 2 stripes)

Level 3 - White belt (purple band with 3 stripes)

Level 4 - White belt (purple band with 4 stripes)

Level 5 - White belt (purple band with 5 stripes)

Level 6 - White belt (purple band with 6 stripes)


Kicking Kadets

White belt

Level 1 - purple belt with white stripe

Level 2 - purple belt with orange stripe

Level 3 - purple belt with green stripe

Level 4 - purple belt with blue stripe

Level 5 - purple belt with red stripe

Level 6 - purple belt with yellow stripe


The Little Lions and Kicking Kadets at Yong Gi Do are taught the following student creed.

I am confident

I am strong

I am brave

I am honest

I am kind

I respect you and I respect me

I always try my best, 100% nothing less

In Korean Karate for ages 7 and above, the ranking system consists of 10 grades prior to achieving the black belt level. These grades are referred to as "Gup," and the sequence of Gup ranks is as follows:


10th Gup - white belt (beginner)

9th Gup - white belt with yellow band

8th Gup - yellow belt

7th Gup - yellow belt with orange band

6th Gup - orange belt

5th Gup - orange belt with green band

4th Gup - green belt

3rd Gup - green belt with a blue band

2nd Gup - blue belt

1st Gup - red belt

Chodan Bo - red belt with black band (apprentice Black Belt)


In Tang Soo Do, the ranking system for black belts is known as the "Dan" ranking system. It spans from 1st Dan to 10th Dan. The sequence of Dan ranks in Tang Soo Do goes as follows:


1st Dan - black belt (no stripes)

1st Dan - Senior - black belt (1 stripe)

2nd Dan - black belt (2 stripes)

3rd Dan - black belt (3 stripes)

4th Dan - Master - black belt (red band with 4 red stripes)

5th Dan - Master - black belt (red band with 5 red stripes)

6th Dan - Master - black belt (two red bands with 6 red stripes)

7th Dan - red (one hold band)

8th Dan - red (two gold bands)

9th Dan - gold belt (one white band)

10th Dan - gold belt (two white bands)

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