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For many years, Yong Gi Do Martial Arts has been empowering individuals in Essex by providing top-notch martial arts instruction and coaching. Our dedicated team is committed to fostering excellence in the arts, helping students reach their goals and acquire valuable life skills, fitness, and fun.

At Yong Gi Do we prioritise building confidence and self-esteem, helping students become the best version of themselves. The driving force behind our success is our founder and chief instructor, Kate Malyon. Kate has been involved in martial arts for over 40 years, starting with Judo at the young age of 4 and teaching Tang Soo Do Korean Karate for the last 20 years.

The martial art of Tang Soo Do is relatively modern, but its roots lie in the ancient Korean art of Soo Bahk Do, which can be traced back many centuries. Tang Soo Do is a style composed from three major areas and styles, which are Soo Bahk Do (60%), Northern China Kung Fu (30%) and Southern China Kung Fu (10%) and the Okinawan discipline of Karate.


Under Kate's leadership, we have grown from one location to three and brought the benefits of Tang Soo Do to nearly every school in the area through after-school programs. With a background in talking therapies, Kate emphasises personal growth and development in her teaching of Yong Gi Do Martial Arts, making it more than just physical training." Kate's mission is to change lives .. One Kick At A Time with character development programmes.

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