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Our Vision, Core Values & Principles

Our vision is to impact lives positively, through the power of martial arts, one kick at a time. We aim to make a positive impact and actively support our students and their families, focusing on their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. We challenge students to achieve results they are proud of, all while being in a secure and supportive environment.

Our core values lie at the heart of our mission statement and reflect our focus on personal growth and character development. We believe in and value honesty, family, safety, inclusiveness, and embracing the individuality of everyone. We value community and service to others. We value courage in all aspects of our lives and we value achievement and success. Finally, we value each other.

At Yong Gi Do, we, as students and instructors, abide by the following 7 principles:

Loyalty to King and Country

Obedience to parents and elders

Respect to senior grades and instructors (both inside and outside of the training hall)

Never to misuse one’s art


Maintain a humble mind and spirit

Courage in confrontation

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