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What our members say.

“I just wanted to say thank you for letting Jack help coach this morning, he really enjoyed it and got a lot from it. He’s been having a bit of a tough time recently which is why he’s not been around much, but he absolutely loves YGD and came back full of enthusiasm not only for doing it help self but helping others. Thank you”.


“Thanks very much for running this course Kate Malyon it was brilliant, informative and fun, I feel that I learned a lot and I will share the information with my family. Thanks to the volunteers as well”.


“It was such a brilliant class! Thank you for sharing these amazing tips with us and making us all feel strong, empowered and less vulnerable. It was a very serious topic but at the same time we all had loads of fun and my cheeks were hurting from laughter! Thank you again! Highly recommend”.


“Massive thank you Kate Malyon for sharing your knowledge and skills for free yesterday to provide a free self-defence class for ladies making it accessible to all.  I learnt so much from the class and highly recommend any female I know to come along to one of your seminars, as what you learn here could save your life”.


“I can’t thank you enough for the welcome you have given me to your club. Best thing I’ve ever done was joining your club. I was in such a bad place for many years but I am finally tuning my life around. Family and friends have noticed a difference in me too. I had a diabetic review recently and my levels have come right down. If I continue they are saying I will reverse it. You’re a legend. Thank you”.


“My 2 year old son has been attending little lions for the last several months and he absolutely loves it. He looks forward to it in the morning and then talks about it and what he has done all day Saturday after his class. The teachers are amazing with him and I’ve already seen such an improvement in his listening skills. I would definitely recommend and can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to start”.


“So privileged to be part of this great kickboxing team at The Yong GI Do Martial arts club based in Braintree. Great group of women supporting each other in every class. Only taken nearly 16 years for this one to have the confidence to join any type of club, specially one where she has to touch or be touched in”.


“I love how The Yong Gi Do Martial Arts Organisation are so accepting with my daughter and her ways. No one makes her feel like she is different and no one makes her feel like she needs to go into fight or flight mode. She spends the whole hour just smiling and for the first time in a long while feels like she belongs somewhere. Thank you Kate and all the team for all you do”.


“My daughter absolutely loves Cadets! We've been attending for around six months and she is always excited to attend her weekly class! Master Malyon and her team are brilliant, they always go above and beyond to make all feel welcome. In addition to the regular program, we have used several of the additional activities run over the school holidays - they are always well planned, the children have a brilliant time and come out beaming!”.


“I started at this club since I could barely walk, I am now 18 with my Third dan!! This club has helped me excel in many things such as my confidence!! I have made many friendships through the years I have trained with Yong GI Do. This club is just amazing!!”.


“My daughter started her Karate journey at 18 months old and she has gone from strength to strength, she is now 5 1/2 and is orange belt with green stripe. She has made so many different friends at the club and has a lot of confidence witch is down to the great coaches. This is an excellent club to belong to as it’s a community and extended family rolled in to one. I would 100 % recommend this club”.


“Yong Gi Do is an excellent martial arts class, my son attends every week. It’s a very well thoughtfully catered class. That is for all abilities from 3yrs to adults. My son has grown in confidence listening and focusing skills since attending”.


“My children and I have been attending this club for 5 years. It has been amazing to see how much they love attending classes and watching their confidence grow. The club is a family, there is always someone who is more than happy to help and support you without any judgement (even when you are a grown up!) The club welcomes everyone from small children to adults. There is no judgment in fitness levels or previous experience as for most people it is their first experience of martial arts. My eldest at 13 is now a black belt, he never liked football like most other children however this club is where he has really flourished and found a sport he loves, he gets to as many classes as he can and especially loves doing creative weapons. In most of his life he is fairly shy however here he is confident coaching younger children or running a class with adults in that is thanks to the club and the people in it. He takes huge pride in putting on that black suit, representing his club and supporting the lower belts”.

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