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Before scheduling your two complimentary taster sessions, we would like to get to know you or your child better through a brief 15-minute call that we'll arrange at your convenience.


What do we wear.

For the two complimentary taster sessions, it is recommended to wear loose-fitting trousers and a t-shirt.

Once you become a student, our uniform consists of a white wrap-over karate top, white trousers, and belt (included in your starter pack).

During our summer season (April to September), students are allowed to wear white karate trousers, t-shirt, and belt to classes. However, from September to March, students must wear the full uniform.

The full uniform, white wrap-over karate top, white trousers, and belt, are mandatory for gradings.


And it doesn’t end there…

After becoming a member of our Yong Gi Do community and starting your journey in martial arts, you'll have access to two Academy programs.


The Junior Leadership Academy is tailored for individuals between the ages of 11 to 17 and requires a minimum commitment of six months. It is an important and highly valued part of our structure that aims to teach students how to support instructors and serve as role models for younger students. Over the course of the programme, we will cover developing skills in the basics of Martial Arts instruction, leadership, teamwork and responsibility. In addition the programme will also support members in the progression of key life skills that are essential in Martial Arts training and delivery.

The Instructor Training Academy, is intended for individuals aged 18 and above and requires a minimum commitment of 12 months. A team of martial arts and business experts has developed the ITA, which incorporates practical exercises and activities such as customer service, communication, mindset, motivation, and the essential skills necessary for establishing a solid foundation as a successful Yong Gi Do instructor.

At Yong Gi Do, we believe that training is not the only aspect of martial arts. We also hold fun activities outside the training hall. During school holidays, we organise fun days for our students, and in August, we hold a weekend summer camp that includes the whole family. Throughout the year, we take part in various competitions and events, and we conclude the year with our very own Yong Gi Do awards ceremony.






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